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Tribute to Michael Jackson

Here's a video in tribute to Michael Jackson... for those of us old enough to remember when he wasn't weird!

Tribute to David Carradine!

In tribute to David Carradine, I'm posting up the insanely awesome deleted scene from Kill Bill 2.

Sonic 2 IPA Floating Around

Little interesting thing I found:

There's an IPA file of the original Sonic iPhone app floating around, but it looks like someone ripped out the original ROM and replaced it with a Sonic 2 ROM, and it works surprisingly well considering!

Go to and do a search for "SONIC 2 IPA" and you should get a result. I expect an official one will be on its way to the AppStore soon enough.

If you don't know what an IPA is, or how to get it loaded into your phone, I suggest you Google it.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Jailbreak Apps

I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the best jailbreak apps for the iPhone 3G. Here they are:

  1. Winterboard: Totally pimp out your iPhone! Want themes? Custom battery screens? Custom carrier logos? This program does all that and more. Absolutely essential for the jailbroken iPhone.

  2. MewSeek: It's like Limewire for your iPhone. Create a name, search the network, it works just like you'd expect it to. There's a pro version available, but I hardly think it's necessary when this does what most people want it to do (i.e. search for free music!) for free.

  3. PDANet: As far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to tether your laptop to your iPhone. Again, it just works without a whole bunch of weird commands or convoluted instructions (I'm thinking of you ZSRelay modem.)

  4. PwnPlayer: Play those songs you downloaded with MewSeek, along with everything else in your iTunes library. Works great to preview those "shared" MP3's before exporting them into iTunes on your PC.

  5. FontSwap: Swaps all sorts of fonts on your system, and new font packs are available all the time. Enough said.

  6. Backgrounder: Run programs in the background! Listen to Internet Radio and surf the web, read email, or use your calendar simultaneously. Awesome program!

  7. Poof: Hide any app icon you want and get it back just as quick. Useful for say hiding that crappy weather app that comes with the iPhone and putting The Weather Channel there for free.

  8. A NES emulator on the iPhone? Hell yeah! Looks and works great. A bit choppy at time, but not enough to make it unplayable.

  9. Torrentula: Download torrents. Export them to your laptop or PC. Enough said, this rocks!

  10. iPhoneBrowser: Ok so maybe this isn't an app, but everytime I read about putting NES roms on my iPhone, or accessing the file system for something, all the online instructions I've found want me to do some crazy SSH-client stuff that the average person probably won't even want to try. Enter iPhoneBrowser at Google Code. Access your complete jailbroken iPhone's file system without even knowing what SSH is. Great tool. Also, an easy way to remove MewSeek MP3s from your iPhone before importing them into your computer's iPhone library!

Note: Everything that is in bold can be searched for in Cydia!

Super Mario Bros 3 Bloopers

I saw this video and had to post it. It's so stupid, it's hilarious.

Google Makes Really Cool Primate Fossil Popular!

National Geographic has a good article about this here.

Apparently, a prehominid fossil found in Germany is causing a stir because it is an integral part of human evolution and it was found in an area long thought to be unimportant to human evolution... I mean didn't we all come from Africa? The fossil, even to an untrained eye, is remarkably intact. Really cool stuff here!

Google was so excited they made their own graphic!

Got Back Into Nursing School!

Sorry for the delay of recent posts, I've had quite a bit on my plate! Here's a rundown of my last two weeks or so:
  1. Completed my clinicals and finished my test to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA)!
  2. I've registered to take another test, the geriatric nursing assistant (GNA) test, to basically become a CNA who is allowed to work in long-term care facility.
  3. I've reregistered and been accepted back into nursing school. I'm starting the program in the Fall of 2009 (for the second time) and hope to have better success!
  4. I found a very old chihuahua-pomeranian mix wandering in a field next to my house. We took her to the vet, got her fixed right up, and took her home. She's our "special needs" dog because she has difficulty walking, is blind, is malnourished and has bad teeth. We know she's old, but me and my wife couldn't let her live out her final days in the middle of that field in the freezing cold...
  5. I've had some comprehensive training classes for my job I've had to go out of town for.
  6. Been playing an MMO on the computer called Mabinogi... it's really cool for an MMORPG, so check it out!
  7. Built a fence for my pygmy goats so I can let them graze outside.

The following things need to be done:

  1. Register for summer classes so I can get my academic courses out of the way for Fall and concentrate only on my nursing courses.
  2. Build a run for my chickens so they can go outside without fear of being mauled by a cat or dog.
  3. Need to repair the chicken pen in the shed after our pygmy goat Mack destroyed it trying to get to the chicken feed.
  4. Need to take a final training course for my job.

I've been pretty friggin' busy. Sometimes I feel like I'm expected to be superman! I need a nap.... Rick OUT!

Mobile Blogging

This post is a test for my new iPhone app, BlogWriterLite.

This app is pretty cool, simple, and clean. The Lite edition is of course free and the pay version has other options not in this basic-text-only version.

Just another reason to buy this awesome device!

iPhone Tethering Works!

Ok, I finally got tethering working on my iPhone!

This is extremely awesome and it's been a gigantic headache for me because I've been switching my SIM card from aircard to phone to get an internet connection.

I have to admit though, I did sell out a bit. I wanted to get this done free (a recurring theme in my blog), however, the only way to make it work was using a jailbreak app called PDANet.

The program is a hefty $29, however, it comes with a 14 day free trial, which is what I'm on right now, and it just... works!

I've spent months sifting through settings like the Remote DNS, proxy, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, a terminal emulator, a ad-hoc network, and I'd finally just had enough!

It lets you connect through your iPhone cable, or through WiFi. Very easy, very simple. It just works. And that my friends is worth $29

Blackberry Bold Trade-Up Program

Get cash back if you are an AT&T customer and have a 2G Blackberry (Pearl, Curve, or 8800 series)!

This is a serious offer, is good through June 30th, 2009.

For complete details, visit the website

Progression of Technology

Being a communication worker as an employee of AT&T and a member of the CWA (Communication Workers of America) Local 2107 Union, I was really impressed by this presentation about how technology has changed. It's a few months old, but hey, it's new to me!

Alien Arena Freebie!

Did someone find Atlantis on Google Earth?

This is a rumor that is abuzz on the internet right now. Interesting theories, but I think someone should at least check it out to confirm Google's affirmation that it is a "data glitch". Check out this video for some more intrigueing evidence in addition to The Sun's Google Earth screenshot.

Rest in Peace Coco

My dog, Coco, passed away from euthanasia on February 19th, 2008.

Coco was an 11-year old, 11lb. Poodle/Pomeranian mix. We found him wandering down the road about a year and a half ago. Poor Coco was in bad shape; he had many broken and missing teeth, he was malnourished, and had a severe arthritis problem. After a thorough, and expensive, vet visit, Coco was ours and healthy as could be expected.

For a dog in such poor shape, he could run extremely fast when he was outside. We often joked that his "doggie narcotics" that we had to give daily for his painful arthritis gave him a "boost". He flung is hind legs back and ran like a gazelle, much to the amusement of everyone watching.

While he was a quick little thing, Coco I think will forever be known for his laziness. He loved to sleep! My wife and I worked alternate shifts, so Coco would sleep in bed with both of us!

He was my buddy. He came with me everywhere, whether I was walking the mailbox, taking trash to the road, or just playing PS2 in the living room. He was my buddy, and preferred me to anyone. The other dogs we have I love equally as much as I love him, but I was his favorite. The other dogs prefer my wife, and in some cases, the kids over me.

We got the bad news on February 18th. Coco had been very lethargic and acting strange. He refused food and water. He slept even more than was normal. The vet gave us the bad news... his kidneys were shutting down. The only option was euthanasia.

When I arrived to see him, I refused to allow this to happen. I bundled Coco up and said I wanted one more night to spend with him. We rented movies, took off of work, and spent a night taking pictures, hugging, crying, and playing with our "old man" one more time before it was his time to go.

I regret to say that I was too emotional to hold him while they injected him... my wife shined here though, and she was able to do it. I took his body home and picked out a great spot for him to spend eternity: close to the dog pen so he could hear his friends, under a shady fruit tree so he never gets hot or hungry, and near the stream on our property so he never gets thristy.

May you rest in piece my poor little Coco...

Bomberman Clone comes to iPhone with Multiplayer!

I'm downloading this game for the iPhone. Remember the old Bomberman for the original NES? Now imagine better graphics, and the ability to play multiplayer everywhere!

Download it so I can destroy you in multiplayer! :)

Solar-Powered Cell Phone: Blue Earth

Samsung unveiled a new solar-powered cell phone: all touch screen, all green!
I think it looks pretty friggin' sweet!

BREAKING NEWS: Women Less Tolerant Than Men!

From Digg:

Study finds that women are less tolerant than men!

Are you kidding? Did we really just figure that one out?

Baby Has Baby?

Got this disturbing news tidbit off of Digg!

What has the world come to? This kid is the father of this baby! I think my four-year old could take this kid in a fight!

Apple says Jailbreaking is Illegal!

Here's a link to the first blog post I could find.

Apparently, Apple is saying it's illegal to jailbreak an iPhone, but nothing is official yet. It's sort of ridiculous to say that customers can't do what they want to their device. In my opinion, that's like Honda saying you can't change anything under the hood on your Civic because it violates their rights. Kind of a strange position I would think.

Whatever the angle, 90% of jailbreak users only ever really use the Winterboard application to change their icons, themes, and graphics. Let's face it, just because someone owns a jailbroken iPhone doesn't mean they are necessarily interesting in running on OpenSSH servers or a SOCKS proxy.

Strange days, sometimes I think that Apple is as bad as Microsoft. We should all just switch to Linux.

P.S. I'm running a bit behind the curve, but there is an official jailbreak for firmware version 2.2.1 available over at QuickPwn, my jailbreaker of choice.

Wanted & Repetitive Stress Injury???

Ever see the movie "Wanted"?

I sometimes think I bear an eerie resemblance to the cubicle-bound main character, of course minus the ability to shoot the wings off a fly and the ability to curve bullets. I found out I have a repetitive stress injury because I use a computer so much at my current job as a sales representative. I'm reminded of his monologue where he says it's pretty sad he even does something often enough to have a repetitive stress injury!

If I am like this character, I'd prefer to have the more useful superpower of curving bullets rather the the ability to injure right deltoids with a single mouse click!

Here's a link with this sucky condition: Mouse Use and Shoulder Strain.

Google Earth 5.0!

Dude, GE 5.0 is friggin' sweet! It let's you go underneath the ocean and check out the trenchs! Maybe you can find the cell phone I lost during my last deep sea fishing adventure!

Twitter and iPhone Broadcast First Images of Hudson Plane Crash!

A customer with an iPhone, and a free Twitter client, captured the first images of the Hudson River plane crash!

Twitter, a fairly recent social networking app, can be a great tool for reporting breaking news. A few keystrokes and it's posted for the world to see. This means that the more tech-savvy citizens that are roaming about, the quicker, and more efficient, we'll get the breaking news that we are looking for.

Cool to see some practical, useful, and potentially livesaving applications for social networking products. I frequently joke with my buddy that we feel like 14 year-old girls, but the truth of the matter is that these products, now with their wireless adaptations, are becoming more and more commonplace and socially acceptable.

iPhone: The Loopt, Twitter, Facebook Trifecta!!

Yeah, I'm a social networking super dork. And I don't care. And me and fellow Twitterer VinDawg figured out the dorkiest thing of all: allowing Loopt to update Twitter, which will in turn update Facebook! This is what you do:

  1. Go to Facebook's website, and search for the official Twitter app. Login with your Twitter account, and click the button that says "Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status". Done. Now Twitter and Facebook are linked. Post a tweet and it will update your Facebook status.

  2. Next, log into the Loopt application from your iPhone. Go to Settings, Loopt Link, and link Loopt to Twitter. Now you automatically post a tweet everytime you change "What's up?" on your Loopt application.

  3. Enjoy! You a now a social networking GOD!

P.S. TwitterFon is the best free iPhone Twitter app!

Obama Does The Single Lady Dance!

This is hilarious too. Sorry for the double-post, but this is just too good to not immortalize on my blog!

Fat Guy Does Single Ladies Dance!

This is friggin' hilarious!

School Sucks!

I'm currently enrolled in GNA class and it sucks! Not for the reasons you'd think, however. GNA, for those who don't know, stands for Geriatric Nursing Assistant, which is Maryland's version of a state-tested CNA.

I took Nursing 101 last Fall and had to withdraw due to poor grades. I was great at the technical aspects, sucked at the tests. Which is surprising, because tests have always been my strong suit. I ended up with like a 102% in Human Anatomy & Physiology and a 29 on the ACT. I'm proud of my 29 because the extent of my education is a High School diploma that I achieved about 8 years ago. When asked how good that score is I just respond, "Not good enough to get into Yale but good enough to get into Princeton."

So how in the hell did I fail these Nursing tests? I have no clue. The ambiguity of the questions, the introductions of diseases, symptoms, and injuries that were not present in the study material? I'm not quite sure. It could be any number of things honestly, but I passed my care plans, and I passed my skills, and I passed my patient interaction.

I am taking a year's breather to decide what I want to do. In the meantime, this GNA certification will give me some real work experience, hopefully to help me better prepare for the test questions. The only thing is, I was beyond the scope of this GNA class within 2-3 weeks! So everything is basically a review. Imagine sitting through hours upon hours of an addition and subtraction refresher course... it's how I feel! It's so boring...

I'm still in a career choice toss-up between PA vs. RN as my educational choice. PA is probably a better fit for me personally, however the schooling is long and pretty intense. RN is easier to complete, but not quite as good a fit for me, however, I still love the job. It's a tough decision and they are both difficult classes, but I'm starting to lean more towards RN again after I sat down and figured out actually how much work I'd have to put into being a PA.

Hey I could always go RN and then work at a much more casual pace towards PA! That works... it's an idea, after all...

I Might Be Going On Strike!!

The Communications Workers of America (CWA) walked away from the negotiation table yesterday when AT&T gave a take-it-or-leave-it approach to the new contract. We have voted (myself included) 85% positive to strike if necessary.

Sure am glad I'm completing that GNA class so I have a little something to fall back on!

New Career Choice... RN turn PA

After facing.. I admit it, DEFEAT... when it comes to my nursing program at Wor-Wic College, I've finally gotten around to really delving in and trying to find out why I failed at this attempt.

Checking out quizzes and test questions I missed, and comparing what I actually liked about the courses to what I didn't like too much:

I liked and exceled at:
  1. Procedures - By far my favorite part of the program. Loved doing feeding tubes, tracheotomy care, injections, etc.
  2. Medications - Figuring out dosage and properly administering medication was really cool and something I enjoyed.
  3. Patient contact - I like talking, interacting, and educating patients.

I did not like:

  1. Patient care - I enjoyed the interaction, but I enjoyed medically-based things, such as doing a procedure, or administering medicine. Showers, bed pans, etc. were not my favorite things in the world. I'd rather interpret what a large BM means, not clean it up and document it.
  2. Inability to diagnose - Nursing diagnosis for problems treat the individual, not the problem. I'd like the be the one to figure out that a leg is broken via ordering and interpreting tests, not the one documenting that the patient has 'impaired mobility'.

I have the upmost respect for both professions, but I feel that the PA program plays to my strengths and downplays my weaknesses. I'm finally decisive... I'm going for it!!

To Call Me A Hick?

I really hate labels. And stereotypes. And most of all, I hate being called a stereotype by a family member, especially one that is not in any position to judge me.

I've been told that I dress and act like an "eastern shore hick". It really makes me mad to be called this, because I think of a "hick" as an uneducated, broke, clueless individual with poor personal hygiene. I am not a hick.

The reasoning for calling me a hick is no doubt the fact that I keep rare breed chickens and have a few pygmy goats that me, my wife, and my kids keep and raise as a hobby. I don't think this defines me as "hick", but I guess that depends on who's reading this and what their definition of "hick" is.

I do have a Carhart jacket I wear, usually while working outside in cold weather. Does that make me a hick? Again, I don't think so; I call it dressing appropriate for the situation. The carhart would never make it into a business meeting, likewise, I'd never build fences in a leather jacket.

It is especially offensive to be called this name by someone who is unemployed, broke,, shops at the Goodwill, lives in the filthiest house I've ever seen, has absolutely no control of his/her child(ren) and fits nearly every single qualification to be considered poor white trash. If we're going to be slinging stereotypes, this person fits squarely into that one whereas filing my family and me under "hick" is gray at best.

Second Jobs in a Bad Economy!

Hour cutbacks... commission cutbacks... what are we supposed to do in a time like this? Find another job, that's what I decided.

I thought maybe a job at Walmart would make a nice little income supplement, and the 10% discount would save me mega bucks each month, however, you know our economy is bad shape when Wally World isn't hiring. I found a night stocking job at Sam's Club and I found myself haggling over whether they were going to pay me $7/hr or $7.50/hr.

This just won't suffice so I've decided to get a second job as a CNA, or certified nursing assistant. The pay isn't great, but its got a few key benefits I really like:
  1. Increased pay, about $5 an hour.
  2. Increased hirability; hospitals and nursing homes always hire, even in recessions.
  3. Foot in the door for healthcare
  4. Work experience makes nursing/healthcare classes easier.

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. Do the dirty now, get a cooler, more rewarding job later.

How to Fail at Sales

Working as a sales representative for a Fortune 500 company during an economic recession is the greatest! Very challenging and reward. They expect a lot out of there employees, so to challenge our salesmanship they have enacted the following obstacles to help us build character:
  1. Hiring double the staff normally required to run the location.
  2. Increasing quotas.
  3. Decreasing commissions.
  4. Decreasing the hours the store is open.
  5. Reducing our hours from 40 to 35.
  6. Increasing the cost of our healthcare benefits.
  7. Attempting to change our bi-weekly paychecks to twice a month.
  8. Giving written warnings to anyone who clocks out above 35 hours.

If you couldn't detect the sarcasm, trust me, the preceding paragraph was oozing with it. I had to enroll in a Nursing Assistant class to have a decent second job since the preceding obstacles cost me anywhere from $400-$700 a month.

First Post

First post! This is going to me my personal blog to write about anything I want; just your everyday guy talking about his problems, thoughts, etc. It's random, no subject matter is off limits, and it's more of a personal journal than anything else.

Also, my friends can find links to my other services, like Twitter, Facebook, and Loopt.