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To Call Me A Hick?

I really hate labels. And stereotypes. And most of all, I hate being called a stereotype by a family member, especially one that is not in any position to judge me.

I've been told that I dress and act like an "eastern shore hick". It really makes me mad to be called this, because I think of a "hick" as an uneducated, broke, clueless individual with poor personal hygiene. I am not a hick.

The reasoning for calling me a hick is no doubt the fact that I keep rare breed chickens and have a few pygmy goats that me, my wife, and my kids keep and raise as a hobby. I don't think this defines me as "hick", but I guess that depends on who's reading this and what their definition of "hick" is.

I do have a Carhart jacket I wear, usually while working outside in cold weather. Does that make me a hick? Again, I don't think so; I call it dressing appropriate for the situation. The carhart would never make it into a business meeting, likewise, I'd never build fences in a leather jacket.

It is especially offensive to be called this name by someone who is unemployed, broke,, shops at the Goodwill, lives in the filthiest house I've ever seen, has absolutely no control of his/her child(ren) and fits nearly every single qualification to be considered poor white trash. If we're going to be slinging stereotypes, this person fits squarely into that one whereas filing my family and me under "hick" is gray at best.


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