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Tribute to Michael Jackson

Here's a video in tribute to Michael Jackson... for those of us old enough to remember when he wasn't weird!

Tribute to David Carradine!

In tribute to David Carradine, I'm posting up the insanely awesome deleted scene from Kill Bill 2.

Sonic 2 IPA Floating Around

Little interesting thing I found:

There's an IPA file of the original Sonic iPhone app floating around, but it looks like someone ripped out the original ROM and replaced it with a Sonic 2 ROM, and it works surprisingly well considering!

Go to and do a search for "SONIC 2 IPA" and you should get a result. I expect an official one will be on its way to the AppStore soon enough.

If you don't know what an IPA is, or how to get it loaded into your phone, I suggest you Google it.

Top 10 Must Have iPhone Jailbreak Apps

I've compiled a list of what I consider to be the best jailbreak apps for the iPhone 3G. Here they are:

  1. Winterboard: Totally pimp out your iPhone! Want themes? Custom battery screens? Custom carrier logos? This program does all that and more. Absolutely essential for the jailbroken iPhone.

  2. MewSeek: It's like Limewire for your iPhone. Create a name, search the network, it works just like you'd expect it to. There's a pro version available, but I hardly think it's necessary when this does what most people want it to do (i.e. search for free music!) for free.

  3. PDANet: As far as I'm concerned, there is no other way to tether your laptop to your iPhone. Again, it just works without a whole bunch of weird commands or convoluted instructions (I'm thinking of you ZSRelay modem.)

  4. PwnPlayer: Play those songs you downloaded with MewSeek, along with everything else in your iTunes library. Works great to preview those "shared" MP3's before exporting them into iTunes on your PC.

  5. FontSwap: Swaps all sorts of fonts on your system, and new font packs are available all the time. Enough said.

  6. Backgrounder: Run programs in the background! Listen to Internet Radio and surf the web, read email, or use your calendar simultaneously. Awesome program!

  7. Poof: Hide any app icon you want and get it back just as quick. Useful for say hiding that crappy weather app that comes with the iPhone and putting The Weather Channel there for free.

  8. A NES emulator on the iPhone? Hell yeah! Looks and works great. A bit choppy at time, but not enough to make it unplayable.

  9. Torrentula: Download torrents. Export them to your laptop or PC. Enough said, this rocks!

  10. iPhoneBrowser: Ok so maybe this isn't an app, but everytime I read about putting NES roms on my iPhone, or accessing the file system for something, all the online instructions I've found want me to do some crazy SSH-client stuff that the average person probably won't even want to try. Enter iPhoneBrowser at Google Code. Access your complete jailbroken iPhone's file system without even knowing what SSH is. Great tool. Also, an easy way to remove MewSeek MP3s from your iPhone before importing them into your computer's iPhone library!

Note: Everything that is in bold can be searched for in Cydia!