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Second Jobs in a Bad Economy!

Hour cutbacks... commission cutbacks... what are we supposed to do in a time like this? Find another job, that's what I decided.

I thought maybe a job at Walmart would make a nice little income supplement, and the 10% discount would save me mega bucks each month, however, you know our economy is bad shape when Wally World isn't hiring. I found a night stocking job at Sam's Club and I found myself haggling over whether they were going to pay me $7/hr or $7.50/hr.

This just won't suffice so I've decided to get a second job as a CNA, or certified nursing assistant. The pay isn't great, but its got a few key benefits I really like:
  1. Increased pay, about $5 an hour.
  2. Increased hirability; hospitals and nursing homes always hire, even in recessions.
  3. Foot in the door for healthcare
  4. Work experience makes nursing/healthcare classes easier.

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it. Do the dirty now, get a cooler, more rewarding job later.


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