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New Career Choice... RN turn PA

After facing.. I admit it, DEFEAT... when it comes to my nursing program at Wor-Wic College, I've finally gotten around to really delving in and trying to find out why I failed at this attempt.

Checking out quizzes and test questions I missed, and comparing what I actually liked about the courses to what I didn't like too much:

I liked and exceled at:
  1. Procedures - By far my favorite part of the program. Loved doing feeding tubes, tracheotomy care, injections, etc.
  2. Medications - Figuring out dosage and properly administering medication was really cool and something I enjoyed.
  3. Patient contact - I like talking, interacting, and educating patients.

I did not like:

  1. Patient care - I enjoyed the interaction, but I enjoyed medically-based things, such as doing a procedure, or administering medicine. Showers, bed pans, etc. were not my favorite things in the world. I'd rather interpret what a large BM means, not clean it up and document it.
  2. Inability to diagnose - Nursing diagnosis for problems treat the individual, not the problem. I'd like the be the one to figure out that a leg is broken via ordering and interpreting tests, not the one documenting that the patient has 'impaired mobility'.

I have the upmost respect for both professions, but I feel that the PA program plays to my strengths and downplays my weaknesses. I'm finally decisive... I'm going for it!!


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