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iPhone: The Loopt, Twitter, Facebook Trifecta!!

Yeah, I'm a social networking super dork. And I don't care. And me and fellow Twitterer VinDawg figured out the dorkiest thing of all: allowing Loopt to update Twitter, which will in turn update Facebook! This is what you do:

  1. Go to Facebook's website, and search for the official Twitter app. Login with your Twitter account, and click the button that says "Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status". Done. Now Twitter and Facebook are linked. Post a tweet and it will update your Facebook status.

  2. Next, log into the Loopt application from your iPhone. Go to Settings, Loopt Link, and link Loopt to Twitter. Now you automatically post a tweet everytime you change "What's up?" on your Loopt application.

  3. Enjoy! You a now a social networking GOD!

P.S. TwitterFon is the best free iPhone Twitter app!


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