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Got Back Into Nursing School!

Sorry for the delay of recent posts, I've had quite a bit on my plate! Here's a rundown of my last two weeks or so:
  1. Completed my clinicals and finished my test to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA)!
  2. I've registered to take another test, the geriatric nursing assistant (GNA) test, to basically become a CNA who is allowed to work in long-term care facility.
  3. I've reregistered and been accepted back into nursing school. I'm starting the program in the Fall of 2009 (for the second time) and hope to have better success!
  4. I found a very old chihuahua-pomeranian mix wandering in a field next to my house. We took her to the vet, got her fixed right up, and took her home. She's our "special needs" dog because she has difficulty walking, is blind, is malnourished and has bad teeth. We know she's old, but me and my wife couldn't let her live out her final days in the middle of that field in the freezing cold...
  5. I've had some comprehensive training classes for my job I've had to go out of town for.
  6. Been playing an MMO on the computer called Mabinogi... it's really cool for an MMORPG, so check it out!
  7. Built a fence for my pygmy goats so I can let them graze outside.

The following things need to be done:

  1. Register for summer classes so I can get my academic courses out of the way for Fall and concentrate only on my nursing courses.
  2. Build a run for my chickens so they can go outside without fear of being mauled by a cat or dog.
  3. Need to repair the chicken pen in the shed after our pygmy goat Mack destroyed it trying to get to the chicken feed.
  4. Need to take a final training course for my job.

I've been pretty friggin' busy. Sometimes I feel like I'm expected to be superman! I need a nap.... Rick OUT!


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